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This website serves as a communication link between the officers and members of the Bhutanese Community Association of Akron (BCAA) and anyone who is interested in the diaspora of Bhutanese exiles around the world. 

The BCAA is a tax-exempt, not-for-profit organization under Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  Its purpose is to facilitate and promote the smooth transition and integration of the people of Bhutanese origin into the general population of the United States of America. 


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Candidates for Election 2016

Election 2016

Annual Festival 2016

Druk Fusion Band
Plays with
Akron Symphony Orchestra

Peace Zone Sporting Club
Crickett Match

A Day in the Life of the
BCAA Office

Mental Health First Aid Training

Making the BCAA Movie
with Suraj Subba Nalbo

BCAA Citizenship Classes

Suraj Subba Nalbo
Movie Producer, Writer, Director
Seminar and Mega Event

Namaste from WKSU

Durga Puja Celebration 2015

BCAA Multicultural Program 2015

Knight Foundation Grant

Red Cross Donation for Nepal

Case Farms Offers Support

Academic Success at North High

Rama Navami Mahotsa

Income Tax Preparation

Silhouette of Truth

What to do when someone dies

Elder's Picnic

Johla, the movie



Opinion Articles

Gross National Happiness
for Whom?

Fresh Meat is Indigestible to a
Toothless Lion

The Price of Bhutan's
Gross National Happiness

Reflections on the
Lhotsampa Experience

Sponsors of BCAA

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BCAA office address: 578 North Main Street, Akron OH 44310

Suggestions for this website should be emailed to the Webmaster: terrykuhn496@gmail.com

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