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This page recognizes those individuals who have made outstanding contributions toward achieving the mission, aims, and objectives of the Association, and upon whom the Association has conferred honorary membership.  The president, with the unanimous approval of the trustees, has the authority to award honorary membership in the Bhutanese Community Association of Akron on individuals who have made an extraordinary contribution that is of lasting importance to the advancement of Bhutanese refugees in the United States. 

Honorary members have no voting privileges, are not eligible to hold elected office in the association, and are exempt from the payment of admission fees and dues.  

At the general meeting of the Bhutanese Community Association of Akron, Inc., that took place on September 26, 2010, in the conference room of the International Institute in Akron, Ohio, Dr. Terry Lee Kuhn was awarded honorary membership. 

After Gopal Lepcha described the contributions that Terry Kuhn has made to the Association and to members of the Bhutanese refugee community, →

President Amber Subba presented Dr. Kuhn with a daka topi, a dossala, and a plaque that noted "his selfless service, dedication, and commitment for the 

welfare of the Bhutanese community, and for his invaluable contributions towards achieving the missions, aims, and objectives of the Association."

Terry Lee Kuhn, Ph. D.

[Retirement photo: 2003]

Since his first contact with the Bhutanese Refugee community in the Akron area, Dr. Kuhn has become a friend and advisor. 

Terry Kuhn started his professional career in 1963 as a public school music teacher in Oregon.  He completed the Ph. D. at Florida State University in 1972, and taught music education and research courses at the University of Maryland-College Park from 1972 through 1977.  He co-authored three books and many scholarly articles and served as editor or co-editor of several publications.  Dr. Kuhn was serving as Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies and Professor of Music at Kent State University when he retired in July of 2003. 

Terry first learned about Bhutanese refugees in March of 2010 from Donna Early, the Akron area Red Cross Coordinator for Refugees when she told him that a high school student needed a calculator. 

Because he was blind from diabetes at the time, he had a friend drive him to the King Apartments on Carnegie Avenue to give the high school sophomore a calculator.

Since that initial experience he has become a close friend and advisor to many Bhutanese refugees, working long hours on their behalf and providing them with many of his personal resources. 

Here are some of the things he has done for members of the BCAA.

  • Conducted a computer class and provided five refurbished computers installed with the Ubuntu operating system to refugee families
  • Assisted a student in applying for Robinson Memorial Hospital High School Summer Volunteer program
  • Provided transportation and summer housing for a Bhutanese student selected to participate in the Robinson Memorial Hospital High School Summer Volunteer program
  • Gave a netbook computer to a junior high student
  • Helped five high school students work on the Bhutanese Times Newsletter in the summer of 2010
  • Coached an 18 year-old high school student through driving instruction and the maneuverability test so he could earn his driver's license
  • Attended the Kirat rite of spring ceremony on May 8, 2010 at the Carnegie picnic area
  • Assisted the Interim Executive Committee of the Bhutanese Community Association of Akron submit its Initial Articles of Incorporation and obtain its Certificate as a domestic articles/non-profit organization from the Ohio Secretary of State
  • Created, supports, and serves as web master for the website
  • Works with his wife, Liz, to provide support for Bhutanese weavers by building looms, supplying yarn, providing transportation, marketing weavings, and serving as web master for
  • Established a scholarship at Kent State University for a Bhutanese refugee student
  • Recommended language and worked with Naresh Subba and the BCAA Officers on the Bylaws revision that was approved at the September 26, 2010, General Meeting
  • Serves as Statutory Agent for the Bhutanese Community Association of Akron, Inc.
  • Completed the 501(c)(3) application form from the Internal Revenue Service to acquire tax-exempt status for the Association
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