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Minutes of BCAA June 8, 2014 Meeting 10:00 AM, International Center of Akron

Present:  Bishnu Subba, Dil Rimal, Krishna Neopaney, Rahar Rai, Narad Timisina, Sarbajit Subba, Narapati Pathak, Sharman Bhattarai, Karna Khatiwada, and Prakash Neopaney

Resolved that the following positions are herein created: Assistant Secretary and Assistant Treasurer because there is and increase in the population of Bhutanese in Akron, and it is fitting to have a larger Executive body.

The Executive committee shall consists of President, Vice-President, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer and seventeen Trustees.

Of the seventeen Trustees, twelve shall be elected in the general election, whereas the remaining five shall be appointed by the President with a two-third majority of the executive committee of the Association.

Assistant Secretary- any voting member of the Bhutanese community who is social minded, committed to uphold the principles and policies of the Association, and who is at least 25 years of age,is eligible to serve as Assistant Secretary of the Association.

The Assistant secretary shall discharge all the duties and responsibilities  in the absence of the Secretary, including, but not limited to keeping records of the executive committee meeting and actions, and for carrying out all communications relating to day to day functions of the executive committee.

Assistant Treasurer- any voting member of the Bhutanese community with good knowledge of accounting is eligible to serve as Treasurer.

Assistant Treasurer shall discharge all the duties and responsibilities in the absence of the Treasurer, including but not limited, to submitting a financial report at each meeting and keeping financial records of the Association.

 Meeting adjourned.

 Submitted by Bishnu Subba


Minutes of BCAA May 4, 2014 Meeting 10:00 AM, International Center of Akron
Present:  Bishnu Subba, Dil Rimal, Narad Ghimirey, Yam Baniya, Sharman Bhatarai, Daarma Pathak, Sha Neopaney, Tika Osti, Baniya Bharga, Krishna Neopaney, Dhan Rimal, Sudargan Katee, Tika Raen Dhimal, Bhakta Shestr, Ran Subba, Rahar Rai, Lok Chuwan, Tek Gurung, Dil Ghalley, Son Magar, Khadga Bhattarai, Mani Rai Rore, Hem Khanal, Amir Bharati, Danber Subba, Khadga Baniya (please send corrections for misspelled names -- it was difficult to read handwriting, tlk)

Bylaws Resolution

Bylaw Amendments were proposed and approved by a formal vote.  A new officer, vice president, was added to the Executive Board.  Five new Trustee positions were established increasing the number from 12 to 17, five of whom will be appointed by the president with the advice and consent of the Executive Board.  Because the refugee population is growing in Akron, the house/group felt that more officers and trutees were justified.  For more information about the duties and responsibilities of added Executive Board members polease see the current bylaws wwhich can be found at   

General Election Committee Resolution

A lengthy discussion of the upcoming election was held.  The following potential members were nominated and appointed to the General Election Committee for 2014:  1 Rahar Rai, 2 Naresh Laoti, 3 Tika Osti, 4 Dhan Man Subba, 5 Khem Niroula, 6 Krishna Neopaney, 7 Nar Sama, 8 Santi Ram Subedi, 9 Sharman Bhattarai, 10 Lok Chuway, 11 Narapati Pathak, and 12 Karna Khatiwada.  Mr. Rahar Rai was selected as the commissioner for the upcoming electon.  The date was set tentatively for June 29, 2014.  Voting for the election will be conducted in different locations, which will be fixed by the election committee under Mr. Rai's direction.

The meeting adjourned at 12:00 P.M.
Minutes of BCAA April 27, 2014 Meeting 10:00 AM, International Center of Akron

Present:  Bishnu Subba, Tuk Rai, Dil Rimal, Terry Kuhn, Amir Bharati, Lok Chuwan, Tek Gurung, Gopal Acharya, Mni Raj Gole, Dhan Man Subba, Laka Tamang, Pah Bahadur Subba, Renuka Subba, Sha Neeopaney, Bharat Bista, Bishnu Subba, Yam Baniya, Dhan Rimal, Ran DhoJ Subba, Dirtha Singh Mangar, Suresh Chamling, Kirti Man Rai, Die Ghalley, K. P. Bhandan, Lok Baneeya, Hem Khanal, Tek Osti, Billa Augdemary, Santi Subedi, Dawa Gamung, Bikram Gureneuj, Krishna Neopaney, Khadga Bhattarai, REabi Rimal, Prem Chuwan, Ram Tamang, Aita Subba Dh Bde Subba, Denerka Subba, Jewlor Subba, Dil Rai, Suk Sulln (please send corrections for misspelled names -- it was difficult to read copy, tlk)


Items Discussed

 1. Information about Summer Youth Employment Program for ages 16-24.

 2. Increase the number of BCAA Officer and Trustees.

President Bishnu Subba explained the importance of creating the post of Vice President. This new post shall carry out the duties and responsibilities of the President during his/her absence.  The Vice President shall also carry out duties and responsibilities assigned by the president.   He/she shall work for the overall development of the organization in consultation with the President and other Executive Board members.  President Subba also explained the need to increase the number of trustees from 12 to 17, 12 of whom shall be elected and t of whom shall be appointed by the President in consultaton with the Executive Committee. 

 3. Formation of General Election Committee.

Dhruva K. Rai briefed those assembled about the procedures that were conducted for a fair, transparent and successful election in 2012.  However, after a long discussion an election committee could not be formed during this meeting.  Therefore the election procedure topic was postponed until the general meeting to be held on 05/04/2014. 

 4. Tentative date for Election.

 The meeting adjourned at 1200 pm.

Minutes of BCAA March 30, 2014 Meeting 9:30 AM, International Center of Akron

Present:  Bishnu Subba, Dil Rimal, Prakash Biswa, Tuk Rai, Tika Dimal, Narad Ghimirey, and Terry Kuhn.


Internet Radio


The meeting began with a discussion of the status of the internet radio project.  Terry Kuhn was requested at a special meeting of those interested on February 27 to contact about SAM Broadcaster Pro, and find out if they offer a reduced price for  501(c)(3) organizations.  He found that they do have special pricing, but they do not provide licensing and suggested that we acquire licensing with  They will provide SAM Broadcaster Pro for free with monthly fees are based on Total Listening Hours plus monthly expenses and revenue.  Their lowest price is $22.50 per month for 3,500 Total Listening Hours.  Terry also found web sites that explain how to set up an internet radio station for free, but he said he does not have the expertise to understand what he reads on those sites.  [Note: Terry could not remember all of these phone conversations at the meeting, so these figures were added while writing the minutes.]


After a prolonged discussion in Nepali took place, Dil explained to Terry, who speaks only English, that information was being sought from RadioSrijana in Norway (Netherlands?) and that the group would like to wait until it has consulted with RadioSrijana contacts before taking any further action to acquire software. 


2014 Election


In preparation for the upcoming election, President Subba asked those present to nominate candidates to serve on the election committee.  The Election Committee will be responsible for such things as finalizing a list of candidates for each office, selecting the election date, determining the voting location(s), preparing nomination forms, preparing election ballots, contacting those nominated to be sure they are willing to run for office, appointing election monitors to assure compliance with fair elections, and conducting the election.  Those nominated at the meeting for membership on the Election Committee included Tek Baniya, Yam Baniya, Amir Bharati, Bal Basnet, Prem Chowan, Bishnu Dhimal, Bhim Dhungana, Bhakta Ghimire, Narad P. Ghimirey, Gopal Kairaloa, Khem Kuikel, Ishori Mishral, Khem Niroula, Giri Raj Osti, Dhurba Rai, Rahar Rai, Sancha Rai, Dil Rimal, Krisna Subba, Nar Subba, Naresh Laoti Subba, and Santi Subedi.  Bishnu Subba and other members of the executive board will contact these individuals to assure they are willing and able to serve. 


Meeting adjourned at 11:30 AM



Minutes of BCAA November 24, 2013 Meeting


Bhutanese Community Association of Akron, Inc. 496 Overlook Dr, Kent Oh 44240 Phone: 330-673-1882; Phone: 330-356-1655


Executive Board Meeting Minutes


Date: November 24, 2013; Venue: 2644 Maplewood Street, Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221 @ 11:00 am


Topics for Discussion:  1) Suicide Case and Funeral cost collection; 2) Online radio and YouTube;  3) Micro loan; 4) Denial proposed grant; 5) Cultural program.



1) A) BCAA shall approach to refugee agencies (International Institute of Akron, Asian Services In Action, Inc. ) and make a request to organize the counseling on mental health issues of Bhutanese refugees living in the greater Akron area. BCAA shall help organize such community orientation in partner with the refugee agencies.


B) BCAA Board has agreed to decrease funeral costs collection per household from $10.00 to 5.00, w.e.f., 11/24/2013. As in the past, Trustees will continue to collect the funeral cost from their respective area. In addition, Collection Registers will be kept at the Nepali Stores to facilitate funeral costs collection from newly resettled Bhutanese refugees (both directly emigrated from refugee camp, Nepal and secondarily migrated) in the greater Akron area.

2) The Board has agreed to name online radio and YouTube program as, “Akron Bhutanese Broadcast” or “ABB”. Bhakta Ghimire has been selected as the Chief Editor of online program. Furthermore, the following members are being selected for the prospective editorial board: 1) Sagar Timisina 2) Sudan Rai 3) Sancha Subba 4) Sanman Saba 5) Puspa Neupaney 6) Puran Rimal 7) Youbaraj Biswa 8) Prakash Kalikotey 9) Prem Chuwan 10) Sha Neupaney 11) Dil Rimal 12) Amber Subba 13) Bishnu Subba 14) Ghanashyam Adhikari 15) Bhakta Subba 16) Pabitra Dhimal 17) Dhan Rimal 18) Purushotam Dhungana 19) Lok Subba 20) Naresh Laoti 21) Nirmala Ghimirey 22) Jash Maya Subba 23) Nirmal Biswa


It was also agreed to hold next meeting for radio and cultural program at International Institute of Akron, on Sunday, December 15, 2013 @ 10:00 am.

3) The Board has also had a discussion on the availability of “Micro Loan” scheme to newly resettled refugee communities including Bhutanese refugees in the greater Akron area. Under the scheme, refugee is entitled to get loan upto $20,000 for the establishment/expansion of small business. The scheme is brought by Asian Services In Action, Inc., and interested Bhutanese refugees should contact Mr. Bishnu Subba for further information.

4) The Board is being apprised about the denial of “Ethnic Community Self Help Program” grant from ORR, which was submitted to them on March 17, 2013.

5) BCAA is planning to organize a “Dance Contest” in April/May to encourage and promote talents among Bhutanese youngsters. The Board has also decided to invite prominent Bhutanese artists from around the country in order to make the contest more attractive.


Meeting adjourned @1:00 pm



Minutes of BCAA March 30, 2013 Meeting


Agenda (all items were for discussion and information)


1 Templates for bylaws.  A discussion was held about the bylaw templates for the Games and Sports Committee, Kirat Society of Akron, and Akron Hindu Sewa Samittee.  The bylaws templates for these three groups had been prepared by Dr. Kuhn to help each of these prepare its own bylaws.  The template is based on the existing BCAA bylaws for an instance only.  Each committee is expected to add, delete, and change its template until it reflects how they want to exist internally and in relationship to BCAA.  The bylaws for each committee should be prepared using Microsoft Word and there is no deadline.


2 Bank account for committees.  Each committee can have a separate linked page in the Treasurer's spreadsheet and share the same bank account.  Dr. Kuhn reported that if each committee was to have its own account, then each committee would need to have its own EIN number, apply for 501(c)(3) status from the IRS, apply to the Ohio Secretary of State for non-profit status, and identify the individuals who would have authority to deposit and withdraw money from its account. 


3 An alternative to #2 would be for each of the committees to have its funds deposited and withdrawn from the BCAA FirstMerit account and managed by the BCAA treasurer.  A spreadsheet with four linked pages could track the funds deposited and withdrawn for BCAA and each of the three committees.  Deposits and Withdrawals for BCAA and each of the three committee would be kept in the same bank account that account would be manged by the Treasurer with a separate worksheet for the four groups in one Excel file.  In the event one or more of the committees needed to withdraw money while the Treasurer was out of town or ill, then one of the other officers designated as having access could be contacted to write a check or make a withdrawal.


4 "Sister Organization" terminology has been used in the past and could be used to describe the committees as long as it is recognized that the BCAA bylaws give it authority to appoint a committee, but not to appoint a sister organization.  Using BCAA as the umbrella organization, or parent organization, it does make sense to use the term sister organization, and if that is what is desired, then a slight change in the bylaws should be pursued at or before the next general election.  The terminology of “Sister Organization” shall be changed to committee as the bylaws are written.  In the meantime, all of the purposes sought including the writing of committee/sister organization bylaws can proceed.  Both committees and sister organizations should remain possibilities if the BCAA bylaws are changed.  Working relationships with committees shall be developed and the degree of independence of the committee may be developed through the bylaws and memoranda of understanding.



5 The meaning of the words "promote and promulgate" were briefly discussed.  Promote means to contribute to the progress or growth of the committee and to establish and organize it.  Promote also means to encourage its progress.  Promulgate is similar in that it means to make the existence of the committee known throughout the community.  Promulgate also means to make it official by creating its own bylaws.


6 Inter State Soccer Knockout Tournament.  A brief report about the summer soccer tournament was presented by Arjun Bista and Bishnu Subba.  They are still searching for a venue.  Contacts have been made from other states and there is interest in participating.  The venue, insurance, and many other details still need to be confirmed.  Inter State Soccer Knockout Tournament is going to be held on 6-15-2013 and 6-16-2013, organized by Peace Zone Sporting Club, a committee of BCAA. The objectives of the event are to promote a healthy life styles, learn respect and sportsmanship for all participants, to promote public awareness about the Bhutanese refugee community, to develop interstate  Bhutanese people fraternity, to build bridges between interstate gaps among the Bhutanese community through games and encourage all potential youth to participate in the community base program.  BCAA is still seeking a secure playground, raising funds, and purchasing liability insurance.  Purchasing of liability insurance is still pending because of some of the requirements of the State Law. Organizing Team is working on it actively.  


7 Transportation.  BCAA President had discussion with Natasha, Communication Director of International Institute of Akron a month ago regarding the transportation for medical appointments. During the discussion, she has given the commitment to help with transportation for the Bhutanese people who are really vulnerable, has no anchor relatives, physically impaired and poor economic conditions. BCAA shall form a committee for acknowledgement and recommend to IIA.  President Subba shared a form that will need to be completed for transportation to be provided through the International Institute of Akron. 


The following members were present in the meeting:  Bishnu Subba (President), Dr. Terry Kuhn (Statutory Agent), Tuk Rai (Treasurer), Dil Rimal, Bhakta Ghimire, Sagar Timsina, Nilam Ghimirey, Nar Subba, Bhakta Subba, Arjun Bista


The meeting began at 3:30 PM and concluded at approximately 5:00 PM.


Minutes prepared by Bishnu Subba and Terry Kuhn



Minutes of BCAA March 16, 2013 Meeting


Minutes pending submission



Minutes of BCAA February 16, 2013 Meeting


Minutes pending submission



Minutes of BCAA January 26, 2013 Meeting




Briefing about previous meeting minutes of 01-01-2013 and 10-12-2013.

Sister Organization- constitution of AHSS (Akron Hindu Sewa Samitee).

Resolved the drafted amendment.

Youth Program.

Structure of Games & Sports Committee.

Grant proposal.

Maintain the obligation and responsibility of BCAA existing committee.

Current problems- transportation for medical appointments.

Membership fee. 




Resolved to define in a separate article the confusing and ambiguous terminology in the by-laws.

Resolved that BCAA shall attend the meeting whenever KDSA (Kirat Development Society of Akron) shall call a meeting.

Resolved that BCAA shall have “Sports and cultural Committee”. There shall be two persons nominated one for sports Coordinator and one for Cultural Coordinator.

Resolved that “Peace Zone Sporting Club “is a game and sporting committee of BCAA.

Briefed regarding the project proposal.

Informed regarding transportation of refugees.

President, Bishnu Subba shall contact Natasha Curtis regarding transportation.


The following members were present for the meeting: Bishnu Subba (President), Prakash Biswa (Secretary), Bhakta Subba, Billa Angdembay, Dil Rimal, Ghanashyam  Adhikari, Yam Katel, Sha Neopaney, Dhruva Rai, Bhakta Ghimire, and Sancha Subba.

Minutes of BCAA January 17, 2013 Meeting

President Bishnu Subba presented Certificates of Appointment to the Games and Sports Committee of the Bhutanese Community Association of Akron to Rudra Rimal, Hem Arjun Bista, and Billa Angdembay.  As he gave a certificate to each appointee, he said that he looks forward to their cooperation in coordinating and promoting games and sports in the Akron Bhutanese community and beyond. 

Rudra Rimal, Coordinator, receives Certificate of Appointment

Hem Arjun Bista, Vice Coordinator, receives Certificate of Appointment
Billa Angdembay, Team Manager, receives Certificate of Appointment

At this meeting Dr Kuhn talked about the grant that BCAA is preparing to submit to the Office of Refugee Resettlement.  He distributed an organizational chart and said that there would be five main activities:  (1) An office would be created and it would be called the Akron Bhutanese Support Center, a name suggested by Michael Byun from ASIA, Inc.  (2) Interactive Instruction sessions would be delivered in the home of recent arrivals.  (3) English classes would be taught for high school students.  (4) Computer technology classes would be taught for high school students.  (5) Social/Céultural events would be conducted for all ages of refugees, and those events would feature English Café experience with English speakers.  The grant would support a manager, secretary, two advisers, and several part-time positions for finances, translation, and teachers.

Minutes of BCAA January 12, 2013 Meeting

Date:- 01-12-2013



By-laws Amendment.

As per the earlier resolution dt. 01-01-2013, the following  has been resolved by the assigned members as the changes in Article 2 of the by-laws:  To facilitate and promote Sports, Games, Arts, entertainment and recreational activities.


Article 15(1)- Resolve to add article 15 (1)( b) by the following :-


BCAA shall establish committees when deemed necessary for the furtherance of its objectives with appropriate number of portfolios.

Article 15A- Resolve to include Article 15A for the formation of sister organizations:-

BCAA shall establish sister organization for the purpose of carrying out objectives which are cultural, religious, traditional and social in nature pertaining to certain sections of the Bhutanese community. These sister organizations shall be regulated by the by-laws included enumerated appendix.

BCAA shall allow autonomy and independence to such sister organizations to conduct their functions in the mutually agreed areas. However, these sister organizations are answerable to BCAA.

The objectives and activities thereof of these sister organization shall not interfere and contradict with that of BCAA.

It is essential for the BCAA to be present in all important activities of the sister organization.

No officer of BCAA shall hold important position in the sister organizations.

Sister organization may open a separate bank account. There shall be 3 persons as the signatories for the bank account, of which 3 officer from BCAA and 3 officers from sister organizations. At least 1 officer from BCAA and 2 officer from sister organizations shall be able to withdraw money from the bank account.

The entire sister organization members must be a able to maintain secrecy of the BCAA and its committees.

All the project proposal of the sister organization shall be discussed and scrutinized by and must be approve by BCAA.

The entire sister organization shall promote the aims and objectives of BCAA.

Drafted by the following members:-

1.Dil Rimal.

2. Naresh Subba.

3. Bhakta Ghimire.

4. Bishnu Subba.


Minutes of BCAA January 1, 2013 Meeting


Here are the minutes of the meeting that we had yesterday at the International Institute of Akron




1.Briefing of constitution of AHSS. (Akron Hindu Sewa Sammitie.)

2.Discussion of abstract of proposal of BCAA.

3.By-Laws amendment.




* Bhutanese community associations of Akron resolves to welcome the sub-committees and sister organization which are accomodative to the by-laws of BCAA.

* such sub -committees or sister organization shall be abide by the by-laws of BCAA and its activities are not in contradiction with BCAA.

*Restriction shall be imposed carefully in which it will help to promote BCAA.

*In all important activities of sub-committees or sister organization, the representation of BCAA is essential.

*No officers of BCAA shall be hold the important position in sub- committees or sister organization.

*There shall be three persons as the signatories for the bank account of sub-committees or sister organization.

*At least two persons from sub-committees or sister organization and one from BCAA shall be able to withdraw the amount.

*Sub-committees must be able to maintain the secrecy of BCAA and its sub-committees..

*All the project proposals of the sub-committees shall be discussed and scrutinized by and must be aproved by BCAA.

*All sub-committees or sister organization shallnot duplicate, existing services or offering of BCAA or proposed proposal of BCAA.

*All the sub-committees or sister organization shall try to promote the aims and objectives of BCAA.

*All sister organization shall have autonomy in the defined and mutually agreed areas between BCAA and sister organization.



1.Dil Rimal.

2.Purushotum Dhungana

3.Sha Neopaney

4.Prakash Biswa

5.Lok Subba

6.Bhakta Khewa

7.Bhim Dhungana

8.Bishnu Subba

9.Bhakta Ghimire

10.Harka Gurung

11.Naresh Subba

12.Krishna Subba

13.Renuka Subba.


Thank you.

Prakash Biswa

Secretary BCAA.



 Minutes of BCAA December 6, 2012 Meeting


The following Officers, Trustees, Advisory board members, and Sr. Intellectuals were present in the meeting: Bishnu K Subba, Prakash Biswa, Tuk Rai, Billa Angdembay, Amber Subba, Bhim Dhungana, Bhakta Ghimire, Dil Rimal, Sancha Subba, Mongal Subba, Nara Pati Dhimal, Tika Dhimal



= Briefing previous Resolution dt. 12-01-2012.

= Briefing the meeting with Asian Services in Action as a follow up of Daphne Kwok on dt. 11-23-2012.

= Cultural Orientation and Educational Program ( Ethnic Community Self Help Grants).

= Further discussion of the resolution with Dr. Terry Kuhn.



- Resolved that Cultural Orientation taken as one of the priorities.

- Role of the Community Association & Resettled Bhutanese.

Public Services:-

= food stamps

= refugee medical assistance

= SSI ,

--Personal safety


- Community services

- Learning English

- Maintenance of hygiene

- Adjust to Permanent Resident status / Citizenship.

- Change of Address Report.

- Awareness on Legal issues.

- Safety.

Resolved that the above sub-topics while in writing grants ,shall be extended , added and deleted.

The final resolution will be submitted to Statutory Agent Dr. Terry Kuhn by the Port-folio officers for further discussion and procedures.


Report by Bishnu Subba, President, BCAA


Minutes of BCAA November 22, 2012 Meeting

Here are the meeting minutes of Bhutanese Community Association of Akron Inc. held on 11-22-2012 at International Institute Building.The following members were present in the meeting.


Bishnu Subba (President), Prakash Biswa (Secretary), Tuk Rai (Treasurer)

Trustees: Billa Angdembay, Tika Dhimal, Puushottam Dhungana, Bhakta Ghimire, Yam Kattel, Sha Neopaney, Dil Rimal, Lok Subba, Naresh Subba, Renuka Subba




1. Discussion of the Expenses for the Bhutanese Cultural program on dated 11-04-2012.

2. Funeral cost and collection.

3. Points to be discussed/ raised with Asian Services in Action.




1. Total collection for the cultural program was $2465.00 and total expenses in the program was $2221.81.

Balance $128.00 cash ,$95.00 already deposited in Bank, and $20.00 in check, altogether total amount $243.00 and most likely refundable security deposit from Italian Center $225.00.

The remaining amount of $243.00 shall be deposited to the Bank Account.

The security deposit shall be decided after the refund.


2. Resolved to keep a collection Register in the house of the Trustees for proper collection of the funeral cost.  Telephone calls shall be made by the Trustees to deposit the amount in the trustees' assigned location.  Volunteer can be rarely used for the collection.  Previous format is approved with some modification ( to keep, names, addresss, contact no,and others).


Purushottam Dhungana shall continue in Independence Avenue .

Billa Angdembay shall work with in coodination with Sha Neopaney.


Area meeting will be conducted in different assigned location by the BCAA to make the people aware of our planning and to make effective collection of the funeral cost.

The meeting shall be confirmed by the Trustees.


3. It is resolved that the following points shall be discussed with Asian Services in Action Inc.

a. Office set up and maintenance.

b. Project Proposal preparation.

c. Communication to the public.


Delegation members will include Bishnu Subba, Prakash Biswa, Tuk Rai, Naresh Subba, Dil Rimal, and Bhakta Ghimire.


Resolved that the next meeting shall be fixed as per need.

Minutes of BCAA October 21, 2012 Meeting
Hi all nameskar.  Here are the meeting minutes of 10/21/2012. Sunday.
Meeting was started at 7:10 pm at the building of International Institute. President Bishnu K Subba welcomed all the members to the meeting and he stressed that there will not be any good communication if any trustee fails to attend the meetings of BCAA.
President Bishnu k Subba read the points of the general meeting held on 10/13/2012.  We will conduct an area meeting in every area where Bhutanese live on behalf of trustees associated in the area and a register will be given to trustees for record of very area.  This area meeting will be started from the second week of November and will be completed within the last week of November.  The Bhutanese festival Program will be conducted and the collection for the fund will be collected $ 20/house and trustees can start for the same.
Date and time of festival are as follow-
Starts from 9:00 am.
Venue-134 E Tallmadge Ave, Akron Ohio. (Italian Center).
The next meeting will be held on 10/28/2012 Sunday at 7:00 pm.
Thank you.
Prakash Biswa.
Secretary BCAA

Minutes of BCAA October 7, 2012 Meeting
Hi all Namestee,
Here are the Minutes of the meeting held on 10/07/2012.
1) The need of General meeting as soon as possible.
The meeting was started by welcoming all the members attended in meeting.On discussing this agenda we decide to conduct a general meeting on coming Saturday.
Time- 11:45 am.
Location-300 E Tallmadge Ave Akron OH.
Envelopes, stamps, flyers and notice latter were given to the trustees to mail or to distribute to every individual in the community.
Thank you,
Prakash Biswa
Secretary BCAA

Minutes of BCAA September 15, 2012 Meeting

Members Present: Bishnu Subba, Tuk Rai, Sha Neopaney, Renuka Subba, Amber Subba, Bhim Dhungana, Bhakta Ghimire, DB Magar, Naresh Laoti Subba

Members Absent: Prakash Biswa, Ghanashyam Adhikari, Billa Angdembay, Pabitra Dhimal, Tika Dhimal, Pursotam Dhungana, Yam Katel, Bhakta Subba, Lok Subba, Bishnu Osti, Hari Adhikari,  Mahananada Luitel, Dhruva Rai, Krishna Subba

Visitors: Terry Kuhn, Dukula Katel, Nilam Ghimirey, Dil Rimal, ?? Rimal

Treasurer's Report: Recent transactions and Balance
Minutes of BCAA September 9, 2012 Meeting
Hi all Namestee,
Here is the point that we had discuss as a Agenda of the meeting.
Message from Dr Terry Kuhn was passed to all by president to attend the meeting on coming Saturday and available members agree to attend the meeting with Terry Kuhn .
On discussing the Agenda -(Bhutanese Festival) we came to an end fixing the date and the rate to be collected and forming two committees for the program and are as follow-
Date 03/11/2012. in case if there is any changes made by committee the date can be changed and it will be notify.
Venue- not yet fixed .
Rate to be contributed - $ 20 /house .
The meeting also formed two committee for the program: A) Management Committee. B) Cultural Committee.
Management Committee
1 Tika R. Dhimal --- Coordinator
2 Tuk Rai
3 Yam Katel
4 Shah B. Neopaney
5 Purusotam Dhungana
6 Lok B Subba

Cultural Committee
1 Amber Subba --- Coordinator
2 Son Magar
3 Renuka Subba
4 Bishnu Osti
5 Bikash Gurung
6 Santosh Gajmer
7 Aita Subba
8 Billa Angdema
9 Shah B. Neopaney
There came another point about the football conducted at Michigan:
The total expenditure - $ 1,206.37
The total collection - $ 778.00
Amount to be paid - $ 428.37
All bills and papers was given to Tuk Rai by Shah B Neopaney

Thank you
Prakash Biswa
Secretary, BCAA
  1. urusota Dhungana .
  2. Aita Suba.Bil Angdema.
  3. Shah Bo
Minutes of BCAA September 2, 2012 Meeting
Hi all Namesakar
Here are the minutes for the meeting.
On discussing the first agenda item ( BCAA need one office room.) we come to the end that BCAA is really in-need of one office room to run the program and to help the community. So for this we need to have a meeting with International institute and request for that if there is any way that they can help by providing a room for certain time.
On the second agenda item ( Football match at Michigan.) every member feel sorry to lose the match by the team of Akron Bhutanese community n thanked for participation on the match organized at Michigan. And Mr Shah Bdr Neopaney and Billa Angdembe detailed about the match.
On third agenda item (To help secondary migration Tamang family.) The President Bishnu k Subba informed that there is a newly arrived secondary migration Tamang family who is really in need of help. They moved to Akron from Missouri and their food stamp, medicate and social security is not yet applied. Therefore we come to end of this agenda deciding to help in necessary steps to apply for the primary benefits.
On discussing the fourth agenda item ( Bhutanese Festival.) we could not reach to the conclusion on this agenda as it took long time to come to an end. So it was kept to have further discuss in the next meeting.
Taking short time by treasurer (Tuk Rai), he announced the total amount collected to help Ganga M Sunar family. Still few houses are left to be collected and can be completed by Wednesday.
Taking short time by Dr Naresh Laoti, he expressed that the copies of Bylaws need to kept and read by every members of Executive Committee and need to act accordingly. He also stressed that some of the points of Bylaws need to be to a better term and some need to be added too.
Bhakta Ghimire added few points on the same.  He said it would be more useful and fruitful if we manage the web-site of BCAA both in English and Nepali, he also stressed for giving special training to the reporters of BCAA that makes every articles fear and stander.
Mahananda Luitel added few points about the safety. He stressed that officers and the Advisory board need to conduct a meeting with Akron police department to find the way of safety for every individual in the community.
The meeting ended at 9:20pm. The president of BCAA thanked all for coming on meeting and he declare the date and time for the next meeting for Sunday 09/09/2012 at 7:00pm.
Thank you
Prakash Biswa, Secretary of BCAA.

Minutes of August 29, 2012 Meeting

Here are the agendas of the meeting on 8/26/2012
1) Four more Trustees selection according to bylaws
2) Formation of Advisory Board.
The Executive Committee of the Bhutanese Community Association of Akron conducted the first formal meeting on 8/26/2012 at 7:30 PM at International Institute of Akron.

The meeting was started by expressing deep sorrow by all the members of the Executive Committee on the unexpected fire incident in Columbus, OH, where the victims were Bhutanese families too.

The agendas were read by president Bishnu Kumar Subba and we were informed that we will be discussing on the above agendas.

On discussing the first agenda-(Four more trustees selection according to bylaws), we came to the end with selection of following four new trustees.
They are:
1) Pursotam Dhungana
2) Billa Angdembay
3) Renuka Subba
4) Bishnu Osti
Second agenda (Formation of Advisory Board)- this agenda was discussed more deeply by all the members of the Executive Committee and came to the end with the following 9 members of the Advisory Board.  They are:
1) Amber Subba
2) Dr. Naresh Laoti Subba
3) Dhruva Rai
4) Bhakta Ghimire
5) Mahananada Luitel
6) Bhim Dhungana
7) Hari Adhikari
8) D. B. Magar
9) Krishna Subba
Thank you
by Tuk Rai for Prakash Biswa
Bhutanese Community Association of Akron


Minutes of September 18, 2011 Meeting
Following community member present inthe meeting
Gopal Lepcha
Tuk Rai
Purushotam Dhungana
Chandra lal Misra
Biman S Tamang
Jas Subba
Saroj Subba
Bishnu Osti
Sudan Rai
Sun Subba
Bhim Dhungana
Amber Subba
Location: International Institute of Akron , Rm NO 21
Date Sep 18 2011
Minutes of August 21, 2011 Meeting

We the Bhutanese Community Of Akron have Following Meeting Minutes on Aug 21 2011

President of Bhutanese Community of Akron, Amber Subba attended the conference organized by Organization of Refugee Resettlement in Washington D.C. According to him, if any dispute arises within a family or with the neighbor please do not invite Trustees or officer or advisory member to help to minimise the dispute as a adviser. We Trustees ,Officers or any Adviser are not able to help you in this matter.  If you, yourself, are not able to solve it, take help of police by calling 911 or any other local government agency. We are community builder but not an governmental or police agency.

Bhim Dhungana has written a letter to Sewa international seeking help to build community center.  They have given advice to us about how to have such a center. To follow up in this matter we have form a small committee under the coordination of Ghana Adhikari.  They are as follows a) Ghana Adhikari, b) Bir Bahadur Subba, c) Krishna Subba, d)Giri Osti, e)Khem Niroula, f)Jas Subba, g)Bhim Dhungana.

There is a Budget deficit on the participation of soccer tournament organized in Georgia AL .

Total Expense $1444.09

Deficiet $ 479.64

So Bhutanese community of Akron is going to help in this matter gradually by finding certain sources because soccer team is representing Bhutanese community of Akron over there. So this matter is handled by our treasurer;Gopal Lepcha.

As Bhutanese Community of Akron is small organisation with limited resources so we encourage to celebrate festival such as Teej, Dashain etc by interested persons themselves.This year Bhutanese community is going to celebrate only one main festival , right now we conclude to celebrate Tihar by playing Deusi- Bhali. To follow up in this matter we have formed a small committee under the coordination of Amar Subba.They are as follows: a) Amber Subba, b) Suda Rai, c) Renuka Subba, d) Bishnu Osti.


Now our one of the Lady Trustes Manju Dhungana is moving to another State after being married . So Bhutanese Community of Akron wishes her a happy married life . We appreciate her selfless community service since she arrived in Akron In the meantime we are trying to appoint a lady trustee to her postion. So we expect reference from you all even though the final decision will be taken by meeting of officer and trustees. 

There is a health fair in Shiva Vishnu Temple pm 7733 Ridge Road in Parma OH on Sep 18 and a movie program in Akron Downtown Library on Aug 27 2011 By Bhutani Mahela Samaj.To follow up in this matter we have form a small committee under the coordination of Jas Subba.They are as follows: a) Jas Subba, b) Bishnu Osti, c) Purusotam Dhungana, d) Bharat Bista

This meeting was conducted at the International Institute of Akron on Aug 21, 2011 from 9 to 11 AM.  Names of those in attendance will be posted later; sorry for inconvenience. 

Compiled by Bhim Dhungana

Minutes of June 16, 2011 Meeting
Namasta to you All, Here is the meeting minutes on 6/16/2016
1) The meeting formed election committee under the coordination of Durba Rai and other members of committee are
Naresh Subba, Durga Ghimirey, Harka Gurung, Moni Sunar, Bhim Kr Subba, Nar Bdr Subba, Sancha Raj Subba, Laxmi Dahal, Hari Adhikari, Purusotam Dhungana
2) We fix the date for general meeting date for 24 of June , so we want to request to attend the meeting by one person per each family at 9.00 am in International Institute ie on coming Sunday . We want to discuss about progress of our community, future opportunity and about the date of election .
The following person speaks in the meeting
Amber Subba ..................Wel come speech and status of community
Bhim Dhungana..............Progress of community
Jas M Subba .................... Role of women in community
Durba Rai........................Role of election committee and how every individual take part in election
Time will be given to speak for two other community members from the individual who attend the meeting
Sudan Rai........................... Thank you speech along with role of young generation to build the community
Following members were in attendance at the meeting
Bhakta Subba, Tuk Rai, Jas Maya Subba, Bhim Dhungana, Amber Subba, Sudan Rai, Dhan Man Subba, Sun Subba, Purna Monger, Harka Gurung, Chandra Ghimirey
Venue: IIA, Time: 9.00am, Date :6/16/2012

Compiled by Bhim Dhungana.  Any question Email to
Minutes of June 3, 2011 Meeting
Namasta to all
This is the meeting minutes of June 3, 2012 conducted by Bhutanese Community Association of Akron
Following points were discussed in the meeting
1) Explain briefly the history of Bhutanese community of Akron to the new Bhutanese members about Past history, present status and future opportunities of community , By Bhim Dhungana and Amber Subba
2) How to make election committee for the coming election tentative happen on july ,By Amber Subba and Naresh Subba.
The views is taken from Purna Monger , Bhim Subba and Bhakta Ghimerey. Finally conclude that following tentative members are listed from different areas so that meeting of trustees and officer will decide after consulting with them. They are
Naresh Subba
Durga Ghimerey
Sancha Raj Subba
Giri Osti
Bishnu Dhimal
Tuk Rai
Ghana Adhikari
Harka Gurung
Moni Sunar
Kasi Dulal
Saradha Tiwari
Dhruva Rai
Bhim Subba
Nar Subba
Purna Monger

3) Kuhn Scholarship for Bhutanese Refugees is distributed by Terry kuhn and Liz Kuhn along with financial counselor from Kent State University . The lucky winners are Nar Subba, Damber Subba ,and Nelam Ghimery.
President of Bhutanese Community of Akron , Amber Subba on behalf of Bhutanese Community of Akron, provided words of appreciation and thank you to Terry Kuhn and Liz Kuhn for providing such a scholarship.

According to Terry kuhn any Bhutanese individual enrolled Kent state University can apply for this scholarship.  The Bhutanese Community Association of Akron wants to congratulate those winners for their successful career, hope this scholarship will encourage the younger generation's interest in higher education.  Such education will ultimately help to build a strong community.

Venue: International Institue of Akron  Time 9:30 AM   Date 6/3/2012
Following Members Attend the meeting
Bhim Dhungana, Amber Subba, Tuk Rai, Bishnu Osti, Jas Maya Subba, Pavi Subba, Tek Subba, Deu Subedi, Sajan Osti, Rajendra Chhetri, Devi Adhikari, Purna Mongar, Bhim Subba, Chandra Mishra, Bishnu Dhimal, Naresh Subba, Giri Osti, Om Luitel, Krishna Lal Dhimal, Devi M Mainali, Krishna Subba, Dil Kr Ghalley, Bhakta Ghimirey, Sancha R Subba, Bhakta B Subba, Sudan Rai, Ganga Osti, Son Magar, Ganesh Dhimal, Mitra Bista, Ghana S Adhikari, Damber Subba, Sancha Subba, Durga Ghimirey, Dal Bdr Biswa, Nar Subba, Harka Gurung, Ramesh Adhikari, Renuka Subba, Chandra ( Last Name is missing).
Compiled by Bhim Dhungana.  Any questions Email to
Minutes of February 6, 2011 Meeting

Venue: International Institute of Akron, Time; 10.30 am
Topics: Tax exemption status and its compliance requirements for 501(C) 3 organisation

1) Dr Terry Kuhn informed all officers and trustees about tax exemption status of bhutanese community of akron and responsility of us, i.e, Bhutanese community  as a 501 (c) 3 organisation

He explain about how to do following:
a)record  keeping
d) accounting and accounting period and how to remain away from jeopardizing activities
All other person present in the meeting want to be clear about  it and dicuss about it
Following persons are present in the meeting

1) Amber Subba
2) Deo N Subedi
3) Dhan Subba
4) Gopal Lepcha
5) Ram Subba
6) Manju Dhungana
7) Jas M Subba
8) Tara M subba Lepcha
9) Aaiti M
10) Tiffany stacy- subba
11) Sudan Rai
12) Bhim Katel
13) Terry Kuhn
14) Bhim Dhungana

Compiled by Bhim Dhungana


Minutes of October 23, 2010 Meeting


Type of Meeting:   ___General    ___Executive Committee    ___Other: Teenagers Meeting

Date:     October 23, 2010              Time:     9:30 AM – 11:00 AM        Location:  International Institute

Officers Present: Amber Subba, Bhim Dhungana, Gopal Lepcha

Trustees Present:  Devi Maya Mainali, Sudan Rai, Dhan Man Subba, Jas Maya Subba, Ram Kumar Subba, Sun Man Subba

Guests Present:  Bishnu Osti, Renuka Subba, Bharat Bista, Tara Dhungana, Bhagat Mishra, Soraj Subba, Tika Dhimal, Sancha Subba, Amite Subba, Deepa Mishra, Sabitra Dulal, Tika subba, Khina Nepal, Dekula Katel, Bhima Chuan, Ran Basnet, Suk Moti Subba, Ner maya Basnet, Raju Rana,   Nilam Ghimirey, Badur Subba, Champa Subba,

Topics Discussed/Decisions Made: 

The Bhutanese Community Association of Akron conducted a meeting for Bhutanese teenagers on October 23, 2010.  There were about 30 teenagers and 10 association members present.  They discussed teen issues and how teenagers could help the Bhutanese community.  The Association members decided to create a soccer team and a cultural group for dance, music, art, and drama.  Renuka Subba and Soraj Subba were selected to coordinate the soccer team.  Bishnu Osti, Suk Moti Subba and Amite Subba were selected to coordinate the cultural group.  Every teenager was interested in helping  their community.  President Subba announced that two copies of a “Dear Abby” book that Dr. Kuhn provided were available to circulate among Bhutanese teen agers.  The "Dear Abby" books explains things every teenager should know about sex, drugs, alcohol, and tobacco.