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News: Global Village Festival - 2014

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The Global Village Festival of Greater Akron is an event that brings together people from many different countries and cultures.  It takes place at Lock 3 and Lock 4 in Downtown Akron.  The Bhutanese Community Association of Akron sponsored an Information Booth, held a session titled "Silhouettes of Bhutan," and held three performances on the main stage at Lock 3.       

Lock 3 2014


Information Booth 2014

The BCAA Information Booth provided information about:

* where Bhutan is located,

* how the Monarchy's army forced our people out of Bhutan,

* how we got to the United States,

* our culture,

* challenges we face in the United States, and

* how Bhutanese refugees impact the area.   


Bishnu Subba, president of BCAA is on the left and Dil Rimal is on the right. 

Silhouettes of Bhutan About twenty BCAA members participated in a session titled "Silhouettes of Bhutan" in which they shared memories of the exile and why it happened.  Bhakta Ghimire told about the forthcoming book "Silhouettes of Bhutan" written by Omnath Pokheral from which the title of this session was taken.  Dil Rimal made comments and provided Nepali/English interpreting.  Narad Timsino gave an historical overview of  Bhutan's governments, and Narad Ghimirey prepared an essay about the exile and his own personal experience throughout the ordeal, starting from when his family was forced out of Bhutan through his current life in Akron.  Click on this sentence to read his full account in the Opinion section of this website. 

Narad Timsina talking to group 





Narad Timsino is explaining how the various governmental actions led to the Neapalese people being exiled from
Bhutan.   Mr. Timsino is in the center of the picture and Bishnu Subba, BCAA president, is to this left.







Narad Ghimirey reflecting on his exile experience 





Narad Ghimirey is reading from the account he prepared of the several government initiatives to intimidate and threaten the Nepalese citizens of southern Bhutan.  Mr. Ghimirey also describes his person experience in the exile to Nepal refugee camps. 






Everyone felt the cold air and stiff wind of the day.  It was cold!
Some of the vendors did not show up because of the weather.
Note the unused vendor booth behind Kailash...

It was a cold day said Kailash 

Men dancing 


A religious dance was performed by four men on the Lock 3 stage.

Nepali girl dancing 



This Nepali girl performed a traditional dance.


Druk Fusion Band 



The Druk Fusion Band delights listeners into dancing.


By participating in the Global Village Festival, the officers of BCAA are trying to help people in the greater Akron community learn about Bhutanese/Nepalese refugees while the refugees learn how things work in the United States. 


Pictures were taken by Terry Kuhn, Keith Metropulos, and Kailash Ghimirey.