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The Bhutanese Times Newsletter is produced through the efforts of secondary school students in the Bhutanese Community Association of Akron, Inc.  Its purpose is to promote education and discussion of issues that affect the Bhutanese community.  Those issues include the economic situation, culture, laws, traditions, language, and religions.  We hope that it can help our people respond to the opportunities and challenges we face in the United States.

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Picture of Champha
Editorial Staff
August 29, 2012

General Editor and Advisor

Dr. Terry Kuhn

Editorial Assistant
Nilam Ghimirey

Champha Subba
Dukula Katel
Monaj Dhimal
Sajan Osti
Tara Dhungana
Picture of Dukula
Picture of Monaj
Picture of Sajan
Picture of Tara

Reporters attend events related to the activities and purposes of the Bhutanese Community Association of Akron.  They listen, write, and then email their notes to Dr. Kuhn who compiles them into articles for the BCAA Website "News" page.