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This page is devoted to the publication of writings by members of the Bhutanese Community of Akron, as well as guest contributors from around the world.  Responses to opinion articles are also presented when there is a difference of opinion about a topic.  Generally, authors of opinion articles should have knowlege, experience, or expertise in the topic and will be a factor in the decision to publish. 

The belief about this page is that opinions are subjective beliefs that are the result of emotion or interpretation of facts.  An opinion may be supported by an argument, although people may draw opposing opinions from the same set of facts.  An opinion is typically the result of a person's perspective, understanding, feelings, beliefs, and desires.  Opinions may refer to unsubstantiated information, in contrast to knowledge and fact-based beliefs. 

Contributions to this Opinion Page should be emailed to along with a resume of the author.

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Gross National Happiness for Whom? Terry Kuhn, Nilam Ghimirey, and Naresh Subba
Fresh Meat is Indigestible to a Toothless Lion Bhakta Ghimire
The Price of Bhutan's Gross National Happiness Nilam Ghimirey
Reflections on the Lhotsampa Experience Narad Ghimirey