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Strategic Plan

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BCAA's strategic plan defines its future direction.  This plan contains a purpose statement, short-term goals, and long-term goals.  It also explains strategies that will be used to achieve the short-term and long-term goals. 
The intent of the Bhutanese Community Association of Akron is to build a vibrant and successful community in the United States for its members. 

It provides an educational platform for meeting, discussing, and identifying possible solutions for issues of common interest or concern. 

It promotes mutual understanding and cooperation among the members of the community. 

It preserves and promotes the Bhutanese community's culture and traditions. 

It builds relationships with other communities. 

It facilitates the integration of the people of Bhutanese origin in the mainstream of the United States.

It raises public awareness about the Bhutanese refugee community.

It assists students in attending college and trade schools.

It promotes public and private health education within the community.

It raises funds through solicitation, donations, and work for projects identified as important by the BCAA Executive Committee.

In preparing a strategic plan for BCAA, the Executive Committee should conduct a SWOT Anaysis.  The goal of this analysis is to examine and identify the internal Strengths and Weaknesses, as well as the external Opportunities and Threats to the association.  The questions below will help to identify these.

Questions to help identify SWOT factors
Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats


1 Do you have an experienced and engaged Executive Board?
2 What are your assets?  Which asset is strongest?
3 Do you operate with trust and transparency?
4 Do you have talented people on the Board and in your membership?
5 Are you debt-free and a manageable cash flow?
6 What unique resources do you have?
7 Do you have specific expertise to accomplish things?
8 What unique funding sources do you have?
9 Is you leadership team backed by prospective officers?


1 What areas do you need to improve on?
2 What necessary expertise and manpower do you currently have?
3 Are you relying on one fuding source too much?
4 Do you have adequate funds to sustain your activities and goals?
5 Are you balancing your funds and saving for a rainy day?
6 Is your mission overly broad?
7 Are you too dependent on contributions and donations?
8 Is the greater public aware of you?
9 Do you have sufficient education, training, transportation and language skills?


1 What external changes present interesting opportunities?
2 What trends might impact your activities?
3 Are there opportunities for collaboration with other non-profit organizations?
4 Is there an unmet need or want that BCAA can fulfill?
5 Are there trends emerging that BCAA can service?
6 Does BCAA seek and apply for grants?
7 Are there new funding sources?


1 What if your top funding sources to not continue in the future?
2 Are your key officers satisfied in their role?  What if they resigned?
3 What if BCAA members lose confidencee in the association?
4 Do members volunteer to help with BCAA events?
5 Is the greater Akron area aware of the Bhutanese refugee community?
6 Is language, transportation, medical service, education adequate?
7 Is communication effective within BCAA?  Externally?