Akron-Bhutanese Summer Concert

Akron-Bhutanese Summer Concert

22/June 2013

It was a sunny, beautiful day in Akron, Ohio when over five hundred Bhutanese and Nepali people from several states waited outside North High School for the doors to open for the Summer Bhutanese 2013 Concert.   People were enthusiastic to see their favorite artists.  The concert was beautifully organized by members of the Bhutanese Community Association of Akron (BCAA).  In particular, Amber Subba, Tuk Rai, Sagar Timsina, and Son Magar took the lead in making arrangements.  The special attraction of the event was the appearance of Nalina Chitrakar, and Raju Lama.  There were other Bhutanese and Nepali artists as well who sang in the concert included; Deepak Alley, Kanchi Maya Subba, Arjun Rasaily, Amber Subba and Nischal Shresth.  Many people loved Nanda Lagan’s comedy and dance.  Other dancers and singers from Akron, Ohio were Sagar Timisina, Kubir Chapagai, Sumitra Goutam, Prava Rai, Renuka Subba, and Sabina Rai.


Nalina Chitrakar was one of the artists who performed in this concert.  The following statements are her responses to questions asked of her.

“This is my fifth time coming to the USA now, and its almost time for me to go back to Nepal again.  I have done about 20 to 22 programs so far on this tour.  This concert was more than what I expected it to be.  I am so happy.”

Asked about the refugees in Akron, she said that she felt bad and sad when she heard the Nepal government would not accept Bhutanese refugees because “we all are the same, we share the same culture and language.  But I also think it benefited the people because they got to come here and now have lots of opportunities.”


Nalina Chitrakar being interviewed by Nilam Ghimirey

Nalina was really pleased to see so many
supporters and fans at the concert.


After achieving success as a singer in Nepal, Raju now resides in New York.  This event was his first time performing in a concert organized by Bhutanese people.  He is performing in Canada next August.

He said the Akron organizers have done a great job and he thanks them very much.

He was sorry when the Nepal government said they would not accept Bhutanese refugees.  “But now you all are here so even though you spent many years in a refugee camp, you did end up in a good place.  So let’s look at the bright side.   I definitely feel bad on what you have gone through because that should not have happened.  But it was out of our reach so I wish you the best for a bright future.”

“When I was little I used to listen to lots of songs and never thought I would become a musician.   I was thinking of doing something different, but somehow I was more focused on musical stuff.  My audiences and fans loved my music, so I decided to go for it.”


Nilam Ghimirey interviewing Raju Lama

Raju thought that Akron is beautiful.
He had lots of fun and said the audience
was very energetic and enjoyed the event.


Arjun, Kanchi, Deepak, and many other singers, dancers, and commedians were happy to be part of the concert and were well received by the audience.  They were also pleased to perform with Raju and Nalina.


“I am from Beldangi 3 and now live in Columbus, Ohio.  I love Akron even more than Columbus.”

“I write my own music and compose as well.  I am releasing my new album, probably next year.”

“Amber Subba is really a brilliant and talented composer.   We are planning to do something together in the future.” 


It was a great concert.

Audience was so happy and excited.

Organizers did an awesome job.

People want more events like this.


Interviews and article: Nilam Ghimirey
Photographs: Kailash Ghimirey
Editor: Terry Kuhn

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