BCAA General Meeting

BCAA General Meeting

26/September 2010

With over 60 members in attiendance, a general meeting of the Bhutanese Community Association of Akron, Inc. was held on September 26, 2010 in the International Institute in Akron, Ohio.

The meeting was called to order by president Amber Subba at 11:00 A. M.


It began with a formal seating of the officers and trustees at the front of the meeting room.


Jas Maya Subba welcomed all present.

Gopal Lepcha talked about the contributions that Dr. Terry Kuhn has made to the association and to several members of the community after which he was presented with a daka topi, dossala, and placque that noted “his selfless


service, dedication, and commitment for the welfare of the Bhutanese community, and for his invaluable contributions towards achieving the missions, aims, and objectives of the Association.”

Dr. Naresh Subba led a discussion of the proposed amendments to the current bylaws and emphasized they provided for an advisory committee, clarification of officer titles, a conflict of interest policy, and a statement about dissolution of the association. At the conclusion of his description of the changes a discussion was held and several concerns were noted and a vote was taken. The amendments to the bylaws passed with an overwhelming majority of positive votes, a few abstentions, and no negative votes.

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Bhim Dhungana announced the advisers and described the role of the Advisory Board.

In keeping with the spirit and intent of the new Article 16 of the bylaws, Kashi Dulal agreed to accept appointment as adviser and chair of the advisory board, which was acknowledged by a round of applause.

Members of the new Advisory Board include:

Kashi Dulal (Chair)
Ghana Shyam Adhikari
Bhisnu Dhimal
Kumari Mishra
Yahoda Phuyel
Dhurva Rai
Naresh Subba.

Sun Man Subba explained that the new bylaws provide for the appointment of four trustees in order to assure that the composition of the executive committee is inclusive and representative of the people that constitute the Bhutanese community of the greater Akron area. These trustees are appointed by the president with the approval of two-thirds of the elected executive committee members.

Appointed Trustees include:

Dal Bhadhur Bishwa
Mon Maya Dhungana
Devi Maya Mainali
Deo Narayan Subedi

Dylanna Jackson, Director of Refugee Resettlement and Education for the International Institute, is shown below in a

picture taken when she attended a ceremony on a chilly day in the picnic area at the King Apartments on May 8, 2010. She spoke to the group about her own trying experiences with electricity when resettling in a strange country. Her personal story brought smiles of empathy and respect from the audience. She complimented the Bhutanese refugees for how they are showing leadership skills and are creating a sense of community among their members.

Terry Kuhn expressed his warm appreciation for the honorary membership bestowed upon him.

Dr. Kuhn then changed the tone of his comments and said that he was embarrassed by the dishonest people in the United States who preyed on those who are still trying to get a foothold in this country. He said it was a great country, but he warned everyone present to be sure to keep their wallets buttoned or fastened in their clothes so that pickpocket thieves cannot steal them. He also said that noone should ever give bank or credit/debit card numbers over the telephone. He reminded everyone that the bank will never ask your account number over the phone because they already know your account number.

Those attending the meeting asked many questions about the bylaw amendments.


Dr. Subba and the officers provided explanations and answers to the questions.


The above picture captures the overwhelming positive vote approving the bylaw amendments.

President Amber Subba concluded the meeting at 1:15 P.M. with a report of progress and challenges faced by BCAA and the Bhutanese refugees in the Akron area.
President Subba expressed an optimistic outlook for the future of the Bhutanese refugees in this country.


Note: Nilam Ghimirey, Sabitra Dulal, and Parmila Dulal contributed to this story.


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