BCAA Organizes Relief Effort for Nepal Earthquake Victims

BCAA Organizes Relief Effort for Nepal Earthquake Victims

03/May 2015
On April 25, 2015 a 7.8 magnitude earthquake devastated Nepal.  There were powerful aftershocks causing additional damage and loss of life over the following weeks. The earthquake and aftershocks—including a 7.3 magnitude quake on May 12—have taken more than 8,600 lives, injured thousands and left more than 800,000 homes destroyed or damaged. As many as 8 million people—nearly a third of the country’s population—have been affected.

Many BCAA members still have friends and family living in Nepal who are impacted by the destructive movement of the earth’s crust.  Countless roads, buildings, homes, and people have been damaged, destroyed, and hurt or killed.  Countless numbers of people are without food or shelter.  

In reaction to this devastation, BCAA has undertaken several initiatives to raise money for those who are suffering.  Some of our people who are members of the United Food & Commercial Workers (UFCW) Local 880 urged their union to make a contribution to help in this relief effort, and emhasized that they would assure that the funds reached the people in need, bypassing as much bureaucracy as possible.  Below you see Barb Caruso,  Secretary and Treasurer of UFCW Local 880, handing a check for $5,000 to BCAA Treasurer, Prakash Neopaney as others look on.  This generous gift from the union will provide a lot of help to family members and friends suffering in Nepal.  The UFCW Bhutanese/Nepali members of UFCW appreciate that the Union understands the needs and is willing to help in a meaningful way.

Pictured from left to right:
Sha Neopaney, Bhakta Ghimire, Naresh Subba, Janel Lozaron, Barb Curosu, Prakash Neopaney, Yam Baniya, Khadga Baniya, Dil Rimal


BCAA actively sought donations to help with the relief effort in Nepal.  Locally there have been several efforts to raise funds to help the victims of this natural catastrophy.  Our members know how badly help is needed, and they made personal contributions at the Nepali grocery stores in Akron, raising $1,049.36.  Pictured to the right in the BCAA Office are President Bishnu Subba (L) and Secretary Yam Baniya (R) as they tally the monies contributed at Nepali grocery stores in the North Hill area of Akron, Ohio. 


The Akron Hindu Sewa Sammitie raised and contributed $1,268.11 toward this effort.  In the picture below Sha Neopaney is handing the money collected over to Yam Baniya (BCAA Secretary) and Prakash Neopaney (BCAA Treasurer)

Pictured from left to right: Dil Rimal Yam Baniya, Prakash Neopaney, Kharga Baniya, Sha Neopaney, Dhatri Bhattarai, and Bhakta Ghimmire


The Akron Buddhist Community raised and contributed $355.00 and the employees of Case Farms raised and contributed $113.75.
All of the money collected — $7,786.11 — was deposited by Treasurer Prakash Neopaney into the BCAA bank account and a check was written to the American Red Cross, who will see that the money provides assistance to deserving people in Nepal. 

On May 3, 2015, several officers of BCAA presented a check for $7,786.11 to Jill Patterson, Major Gift Officer of the Northeast Ohio Region of the American Red Cross (see picture at right).

From left to right: Yam Baniya (Secretary, BCAA), Prakash  Neopaney (Treasurer, BCAA), Jill Patterson (Major Gift Officer, American Red Cross), Bishnu Subba (President, BCAA)

Behind the camera: Terry Kuhn (Statutory Agent, BCAA)

The Officers and members of BCAA have dedicated their energies to raise this money in the hope that it will provide comfort and care for earthquake victims in Nepal.

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