Case Farms Supports BCAA

Case Farms Supports BCAA

29/April 2015

After several communications between representatives from Case Farms* and the Bhutanese Community Association of Akron, two meetings were held to discuss ways in which Case Farms might help the Bhutanese refugee community in the greater Akron-Canton area.  As a result of those discussions, Case Farms has begun providing support for expenses associated with operating the BCAA office, an annual cultural event, and an annual soccer tournament.  This support is enabling the BCAA to provide more and better services to its constituency.

From left to right: Robert Barragan, Bishnu Subba, Miguel Lopez, Monorath Khanal, Esteban Nieto, Dil Rimal, Terry Kuhn

Robert Barragan is Director of Human Resources in Troutman, North Carolina; Miguel Lopez is Complex HR Manager Canton, Ohio; and Esteban Nieto is Complex HR Manager in Winesburg, Ohio. Bishnu Subba is President of BCAA, Dil Rimal is a senior adviser, and Terry Kuhn is Statutory Agent for BCAA.

BCAA President Bishnu Subba expressed his appreciation to Case Farms* by saying that “Case Farms has provided jobs for many of our people and this additional support will help our whole community in a variety of ways. We really appreciate the support that Case Farms is giving the refugee community.” Terry Kuhn, Statutory Agent for BCAA said that “We really appreciate the interest Case Farms takes in the lives of their employee team members. We look forward to an enduring relationship between BCAA and Case Farms.”

Case Farms* is a leading poultry producer and its generous support will allow BCAA to pursue it goals to:

⇒ Sponsor an annual cultural event to bring all ages of the community together;

⇒ Sponsor a soccor tournament to engage our youth with other communities;

⇒ Provide resettlement assistance to new members of the community, including finding jobs;

⇒ Provide an educational platform to meet, discuss, and identify solutions to issues of
common interest to the Bhutanese refugee community;

⇒ Promote mutual understanding and cooperation among members of the community;

⇒ Preserve and promote the community’s cultures and traditions;

⇒ Help build a healthy and mutually respectful relationship with other communities;

⇒ Facilitate and promote the integration of community members into the
mainstream of the United States; and to

⇒ Raise public awareness about the Bhutanese community in Akron.

* Case Farms was founded in 1986. It is a fully integrated poultry farming and processing group of dedicated individuals who work together to produce consistent, quality poultry poroducts. Its driving purpose is to deliver superior products and service to every customer, every time. Case Farms processes 2.8 million birds per week, has over 3,200 dedicated team members, and produces in excess of 900 million pounds of fresh, partially cooked, and frozed-for-export poultry products each year. The company has operations or offices in Maryland, North Carolina, and Ohio.

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