Citizenship Class

Citizenship Class

01/December 2011

During the Winter and Spring of 2011, the Bhutanese Community Association of Akron (BCAA) has been offering a biweekly citizenship preparation class for the adult population. The program started in January of 2011 and was specifically targeted at 2008-2009 arrivals. Approximately 50 to 60 people are currently attending. The aim of these classes is to increase the number of people achieving United States citizenship within 7 to 9 years of their arrival.

Instruction is provided by adult and high school volunteers from the community. The International Institute of Akron provided classroom space and educational materials. The instructor pictured below is Madhu Lai Nepal and he is being assisted by Khem Niroula and Purushottam Dhungana. The BCAA hopes to expand the program in the future if there is sufficient interest and if volunteer teachers are available.

Contact one of the officers for more information.


These pictures were
taken during the
citizenship class at the
International Institute of





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