Citizenship Classes

Citizenship Classes

01/January 2015

BCAA has been offering citizenship classes for several years.  These classes have been offered without external funding because volunteers from within the Bhutanese/Nepalese community have been willing to serve as teachers without pay.  Through such efforts the BCAA is trying to increase the number of its people achieving citizenship in the USA.

Many BCAA members go to the Anthony J. Celebrezze Federal Building on East 9th street in Cleveland to have their biometrics recorded and to take the US citizenship test.
Refugees from Bhutan/Nepal must wait for five years before they can attempt the citizenship test.  All those taking the test must prepare able to answer 100 questions on civics, although only about 10 questions will be asked.  Respondents must answer 6 of the 10 questions correctly to pass the test.  Civics questions cover principles of American democracy, the system of government, and rights and responsibilities of citizens.

Dhan Rimal is working with a group of Bhutanese/Nepalese refugees in the BCAA office on August 11, 2015.
The test also has questions on American history including the colonial period and independence, the 1800s, recent American history, and other important historical information.  There are a few questions on geography and some questions about symbols, the national anthem, and holidays.

Bhakta Ghimire is conducting a class on the citizenship test in March of 2016.  The room in the BCAA office is crowded and there was no heat that cold day.
The English test has a speaking portion which will cover the items on the Application for Naturalization (N 400 form).  It also has a reading section in which applicants must read one out of three sentences correctely.  In the third portion applicants are asked to write one out of three sentences that are spoken.

Everyone has a good feeling and a sense of elation and happiness when they pass the exam and get their Certificate of Naturalization.  Above Nirmala and Kailash Ghimirey have just passed and are smiling proudly as new US Citizens.

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