Elders Picnic

Elders Picnic

21/September 2014

Let us celebrate longevity!!!

BCAA’s 2014 Elder’s Picnic was held at the Munroe Falls Metro Park on an auspictious day filled with sun and warm air.  Over 200 people gathered to meet new people and visit with friends.  Life in the United States is good and the people here and looking forward to good opportunities for their children and the coming generations.  The shelter, tables, lake, grass and company made for a hospitable setting. 

Special attention was given to Harka Maya Subba and Harka Bir Tamang, who were the oldest woman and man at the picnic.

These pictures were taken at the

Munroe Falls Metro Park,

east of Akron, Ohio,

September 13, 2014

Harka Maya Subba
Born 1927
Camp: Sankhare, Morang, Nepal
Bhutan Home: Bholeh Dataley, Chirang District

Harka Bir Tamang
Born 1929
Camp: Sanishare, Morang, Nepal
Bhutan Home: Gelsphu, Lodrai-Basty, Sarbhang District

Here are pictures taken at the event

                                                    Some waited for rides to go home after the picnic.

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