General Election 2010

General Election 2010

25/July 2010

A general election was conducted on July 25, 2010, to elect officers for the newly formed Bhutanese Community Association of Akron, Inc. This page shows some photographs of that event in which voting took place at three polling locations, each near a population center of our members.

General Election 2010
Voting at 740 Carnegie Avenue


Three high school students reporting for the Bhutanese Times Newsletter interviewed voters, candidates, election committee members, and observers.



While there were lines, the efficient election committee kept the voters moving through the process.




Voting at 330 Broad Boulevard (note that the Ballot Box was sealed and carefully carried from one polling place to the next.













Voting at 336 Oxford Avenue








Counting the Votes








The Election Committee counts and tabulates the counted votes and certifies the results, first with one person adding and being watched and second by another person adding and being watched.


Announcing the winners


Some of the winners after the late night announcement




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