Growing Hope Food Summit

Growing Hope Food Summit

01/April 2011

The “Growing Hope Food Summit” was held on April 1 & 2 at a church on W Exchange Street in Akron. There were 18 people from our community in attendance. The first day they showed us a film called “Fresh” which talked about growing food at home. The second day was a conference which was intended to define the goals of the movement going forward. The sponsoring organization is a community group which works to increase food availability and nutrition, particularly for minorities.

One of the priorities which was popularly shared by all the stakeholders was the desire to have more community gardens. So, that will be an agenda item that the Bhutanese community will be watching closely as many of our people would like to garden in the greater Akron area. Also, there was talk about bringing farmer’s markets with fresh produce to minority neighborhoods (like ours). They also want to encourage small stores to carry vegetables.
Amber Subba, Tuk Rai, and Jas Maya Subba were there to interpret.


These pictures were
taken at the Growing
Hope Food Summit



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