Kent Rotary Presentation

Kent Rotary Presentation

31/August 2010

Nilam Ghimirey [left], Bishnu Ghimirey [center], and Kumari Mishara [right] at the lCommunity Room of the United Methodist Church in Kent, Ohio on August 31, 2010 where they made a presentation titled “Weaving in Exile” to the Kent Rotary Club. Deborah Solan, Executive Director of the Robinson Memorial Hospital Foundation, was Nilam’s Summer Volunteer Experience supervisor at Robinson. She extended the invitation for the presentation on behalf of the Kent Rotary Club.


Following Deb Solan, who described how she got to know Nilam through her volunteer experience at Robinson Memorial Hospital, Dr. Terry Kuhn described a girl named “Nandi” and the political situation she lived through until she got to the United States as a refugee. In this photo, Liz Kuhn is at the podium describing her activities with the Bhutanese weavers. In the foreground of the photo, Bishnu and Kumari demonstrate traditional weaving on backstrap looms. Answering questions about life in the refugee camp, Nilam described the rice rations, lack of electricity, and a bamboo hut for a home. She said it was good to be in America where she is getting a good education, the food is better, and the roof doesn’t leak when it rains. She gave a human face to the refugee situation and said that the elders — after 18 years in exile — still identify as citizens of Bhutan and think of it as their home.

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