Knight Foundation Grant

Knight Foundation Grant

02/May 2015

Kyle Kutuchief, Program Director for the Akron Office of the Knight Foundation met with officers of the Bhutanese Community Association of Akron on May 2, 2015.  (See picture below.)

Left to right: Prokash Neopaney, Yam Baniya, Bhakta Ghimire, Naresh Subba
Kyle Kutuchief, Dil Rimal, Bishnu Subba
Behind camera: Terry Kuhn

At this special meeting, Mr. Kutuchief explained that the Knight Foundation had three objectives that could relate to the purposes and programs of BCAA.

Objective 1, talent attraction, is to retain, and attract 18 to 34 year-old people who are college-educated in the Akron area.

Objective 2, economic integration,  is to create a mix of people with greater and lesser economic means in the same neighborhoods.

Objective 3, civic engagement, is to spur the positive future of neighborhoods.  The recent “North Hill Better Block” program was cited as one example of a positive neighborhood influence.

This grant is intended to fund BCAA’s efforts to attract, retain,and assimilate members of the Bhutanese community to life in Akron.

At the meeting, officers of BCAA took the opportunity to explain their backgrounds, what attracted them to Akron, and some of their hopes for the future.  The new Nepalese businesses, number of homes being purchased, and the availability of jobs were all mentioned as positive things about Akron.  The officers and advisers present described some of their past organizational efforts and explained to Mr. Kutuchief that their current plans include sponsoring a multi-cultural program to bring people of different cultures together so they can get to know each other better.

After the discussion, Mr. Kutuchief announced a $10,000 grant from the Knight Foundation Donor Advised Fund to support BCAA’s work on projects that help fulfill one of the Knight Foundation’s three objectives.  The officers were both stunned and grateful for the show of good faith that Mr. Kutuchief displayed in the potential of our association.

The officers of BCAA would like to acknowledge that this grant was funded by the Knight Foundation Donor Advised Fund of Akron Community Foundation.  Here is a link to its website:

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