Kuhn Scholarship Awards 2012

Kuhn Scholarship Awards 2012

03/June 2012

Terry and Liz Kuhn presented $1,000 scholarships to three students at the BCAA meeting on June 3, 2012. The scholarships are awarded to students who are

* Bhutanese Refugees of Lhotshampa origin from Nepal,
* who have been admitted to Kent State University and have a Banner ID number,
* who have an inner desire to learn,
* who demonstrated financial need on their FAFSA report,
* and who complete the application procedure by the deadline.

This year scholarships were awarded to Damber Subba, Nar B. Subba, and Nirmala Ghimirey.

Sandra Montgomery, who is the assistant director of Student Financial Aid at Kent State University described the scholarship criteria to those in attendance and she told the students how they can use the money for their fees and college expenses.

Dr. Kuhn concluded the program by congratulating the students for the good choices they have made to get this far in life. He and Mrs. Kuhn hope this scholarship will help the recipients acquire the knowledge and skills to be productive and happy in the future.


Above from left to right:

Amber Subba, Nirmala Ghimirey, Nar B. Subba, Damber Subba, Liz Kuhn, Terry Kuhn, Sandra Montgomery

These pictures were taken at the scholarship award program at the International Institute of Akron on June 3, 2012.


Above from left to right:

Nar B. Subba, Amber Subba, Damber Subba, Nirmala Ghimirey, Durga Ghimirey

Nar B. Subba Damber Subba Nirmala Ghimirey

Nar plans to major in public health, Damber plans to major in nursing, and Nirmala is planning to major in biology.

Nar B. Subba wrote the following in his application:

Damber Subba wrote the following in his application:

Nirmala Ghimirey wrote the following in her application:

In Nepal I saw how education enabled me to better my family and fellow refugees. As I attend college in my new country, my primary objective is to become competent in the area of public health. My goal is to get a good job so I can support my family and continue to help the refugee people. As I study I will build on the knowledge I have gained through many difficult experiences.

I grew up in Nepali culture in the Beldangi-II refugee camp. My parents never got an opportunity to go to school. They worked really hard hoping they would save money to send me to college so that my life won’t be miserable like theirs. But it was just like putting a glass of water in the Sahara Desert hoping to grow crops, because whatever my parents made, it was not enough to buy food and clothese, and the came thing is true here, too. Besides the poverty level, the spiritual beliefs are causing health problems in my community. Therefore, I want to be a nurse and convey the true message regarding health problems to my community and I want to uplift my family’s financial status.

My family made a great sacrifice to bring me from the refugee camp in Nepal to the United States. I sincerely believe that, here in the United States and with my family’s support, I can make my own future. As I finish high school and college, I hope to learn the language, culture, and skills to help myself and my community succeed in this new world.

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