Making the BCAA Movie

Making the BCAA Movie

17/April 2016

The pictures on this page were taken on April 17 through 19 in the home of Terry and Liz Kuhn in Kent, Ohio, USA, during the filming of BCAA: The People’s Story, a DocuDrama about the people of the Bhutanese Community Association of Akron who were exiled out of Bhutan around 1991, lived for over 18 years in refugee camps in southeastern Nepal, and then resettled in seven countries around the world.  Books, music, and poetry have told this story, and this is the first movie to explicate how they are assimilating into new cultures.  Most of these pictures were unposed candids taken during the filming.

Suraj Subba Nalbo is an internationally acclaimed director, producer, and writer from Kathmandu, Nepal.  He has directed, produced, and written for more than 70 films.  A Google search for “Suraj Subba Nalbo” revealed over 240 urls about his work.

Suraj Subba Nalbo at work setting a camera for the
next shot in Terry and Liz Kuhn’s living room

Director Nalbo getting the camera perspective correct,
assisted by Kailash Ghimirey and Money Subba in Liz’s study

Santa Subba checking the lighting in Terry’s study

Director Nalbo, Money Subba, Ran Dhoj, and Dhan Rimal
positioning one of the cameras

Nilam Ghimirey “on set” waiting for the “action” call

Monitor view of the two cameras on Nilam Ghimirey

Santa Subba and Money Sugga running one of the cameras
and sound behind the double-screen monitor during filming

Naresh Subba, Suraj Subba Nalbo, and Billa Angdembay
watching a “take” on the monitors

Billa Angdembay, Dhan Rimal, and Suraj Subba Nalbo
taking a break

Liz Kuhn being coached by Suraj Subba Nalbo with
Nilam Ghimirey as interpreter

It took a (Bhutanese) community to make this movie
Standing (L to R): Money Subba, Amber Subba, Billa Angdembay,
Dhan Rimal, Ran Dhoj, Santa Subba, Nilam Ghimirey
Seated (L to R): Naresh Subba, Liz Kuhn, Terry Kuhn, Suraj Subba Nalbo

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