Rama Navami Mahotsav

Rama Navami Mahotsav

28/March 2015

The Akron Hindu Sewa Samittee celebrated the festival of Rama Navami Mahotsav on March 28, 2015 at the home of a member in Akron. About 200 people of all ages were in attendance.

The Akron Hindu Sewa Samittee is organized as a sister organization/committee of the Bhutanese Community Association of Akron. It organizes, and conducts programs and practices of Hindu customs and religion in order to promote and preserve the Bhutanese community’s Hindu culture and traditions.

Terry Kuhn expressed his admiration for the long journey Bhutanese refugees have traveled and noted that he was impressed with their industriusness in getting jobs and buying houses. He emphasized that it is important that the young people do well in school, that everyone needs to learn the cultural ways of hte United States, as well as remember the community’s language and culture so that the young people honor and respect the deprivation and hardships the elders have endured on their behalf.

Mahananda Luitel talked about the intertwining nature of the Hindu religion with new findings in the frontiers of science.

Even though the air was cold for the out-of-doors activities, everyone’s heart was warm and there were many discussions among friends and neighbors at this happy occassion.

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