San Bahadur Tamang

San Bahadur Tamang

27/October 2013

San Bahadur Tamang is an artist who currently resides with his parents  in Akron, Ohio.  They resettled from Nepal in 2012.  Mr. Tamang was born in Bhutan, but had to leave when the Bhutan army forced his parents to leave Bhutan in four days, angrily telling them “Bhutan is not your country!” “Get out!” … “Or else!”

San was just three years old when he, his family, and over 100,000 other Lhotshompas (people of southern Bhutan) were exiled.  He turned to painting as a way to find beauty and bring brightness into the world.

Money was very scare in Beldangi 1 refugee camp in Nepal where he grew up.  It was a measure of the high value he placed on this artistic pursuit.  He worked in a nearby village to earn money for expensive paints and brushes to pursue his love.

He could not bring the work he had produced in the refugee camp, but he has produced a number of paintings in the 17 months he has been in the United States, particularly considering the fact that he works as a full-time packer for Gojo Industries in Akron.

Below are some of his paintings.  Anyone interested in purchasing one or more of San’s paintings should call 330-673-1882.


The following paintings were done on a leaf from the ornamental Bodhi Tree, the tree under which Siddaertha Gautame (Budda) sat when he found enlightenment.  This tree is also known as the Bo Tree and the Peepal Tree.

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