Sheep Farming Opportunity

Sheep Farming Opportunity

04/February 2012


There is an older Ohio farmer who is facing retirement and has approximately 300 sheep on a 230 acre farm located in Northeast Ohio between Youngstown and Pittsburgh (roughly 75 minutes from Akron).

She is looking for a family who would like to raise and sell sheep. She is an expert and is willing to mentor someone as they learn to run her sheep farm. Eventually, this family might be able to take over her sheep business and also buy her operation. The farm land is not for sale, but is available for a long-term lease along with one or both of the houses. The operation would consist of all the sheep and equipment needed to run the operation.

The farm has two houses, two barns, a garage, and a small storage building. Approximately 150 acres of the farm is fenced for sheep pasture and hay. She also has a guard donkey and a big friendly dog to protect the sheep from coyotes. She said that some of the ground could be used to grow vegetables, provided it was fenced off from the sheep. The vegetable area has a water pump that is powered with solar electricity.

Anyone who loves farming, wants to raise and sell sheep, and would like more information about this opportunity should contact Amber Subba [ ].


These pictures were taken in one of the barns on a snowy day when Terry Kuhn, Amber Subba, Goran Debelnogich, and Nilam Ghimirey visited the sheep farm.

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