Silhouette of Truth

Silhouette of Truth

06/October 2014

New publication.

Written in Bhutan.

Published in Nepal.

Printed in India.

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The Silhouette of Truth by Omnath Pokharel

Omanth wrote it in English.

It has been two years since the untimely death of Omnath Pokharel on 1 November 2012. Omnath had a dream to publish his writings, but that dream was not to be fulfilled during his lifetime. Thanks to the efforts of his brothers and editors Amma Raj Joshi and Tara Lal Shrestha that dream has become reality.

Many great musicians, artists, and intellectuals have been more appreciated after their deaths than during their lives.

Omnath Pokharel seems destined to such a fate.

He turned disappointment and frustration into eloquent and moving short stories as he captured the feelings of many Lhotshampas (Southern Bhutanese of Nepalese descent) during and after their forced exodus and exile from Bhutan.

This newly published book of thirteen short stories is a must-read for anyone who wants to understand the pathos experienced by more than 120,000 exiled Bhutan citizens between 1990 and today.

Some of these stories narrate the traumatic condition of the Lhotsampa after the King of Bhutan ordered their forceful evacuation that brought them to the shanties of the refugee camps in Eastern Nepal. (p 17)

Other stories depict the pathetic condition of individuals who were uprooted from their soil, livlihoods, and peaceful agrarian lives. Omnath Pokharel evokes human sentiments and feelings without being vindictive or malicious. (p 18)

These narratives are woven with the effects of dislocation of a group of people from their roots and the impacts of a state policy to decimate a class of people. (p 18)

Anyone interested in love, patriotism, and the impact of government on the human condition will find meaning in these stories.

Copies of The Silhouette of Truth may be ordered by US mail, telephone, or email from:

Rup Pokharel
2225 Brownsville Road #5
Pittsburgh PA 15210

Phone: 412-918-6896


Price: $10 (soft back) + $2 (shipping) = $12
Price: $20 (hard back) + $2 (shipping) = $22

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